Benefits of Choosing Unique Indian Wedding Card


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Indian marriage cards can offer you a huge range of benefits. Every couple wants their grand day memorable and fantastic. The very first thing for a wedding is to find a perfect marriage card which is unique, attractive and beautiful. It should be different from others and represent the scheduling of grand day.


Indian wedding card by Dream Wedding Card provides you the opportunity to select an individualistic design of the wedlock card.  Don’t forget that you are sending guests an invitation which must be attention seeking and pleasing. Look for a card which stands out in the crowd and urges the guests to attend your marriage.

The advantage of choosing wedding card by Dream wedding card is that it allows you to outshine your personality through it. One can select his choice and creativity for the great day invitation. These cards offer you select the unique design and quality material. Before picking any card, always remember that it is the only thing which reflects the arrangement and theme of marriage. So, why to settle for anything common; choose the one which is unique and attractive.

A great benefit of choosing Indian wedding card is that you can insert the marriage theme into the prenuptial farman. Like, if the wedding is taking place in summers, then light colours like cool blues and yellow are best colours for Indian invites.

If you don’t want to go for lace route then, stand out invites are also a great choice; create a statement to tempt the guests. An alternate benefit of selecting traditional cards online is that you can ask for different colours and designs to choose the best. One can also go for customized cards to get the desired colour and font. In the customized design, one can add the photograph to add pinch of fun to the wedding invitation. Go for blended colours to catch the attention of guests.

Exclusive Wedding Cards

When it comes to choosing a marital card; design, font and colour play an important role. If you are planning to choose customized or designer card then, pick the design and get a sample first instead of placing an order for the whole stock. Look for a company which has intense knowledge of colours, designs and printing of the invitation cards. There are many online pre-nuptial card specialists who can guide you to choose the best card for the grand event. Placing your order online is a good option as it saves time and money both. Now, you don’t have to run back and forth on the card provider place to get your wedding card.

Get the personalized wedlock card from online websites and eliminate the problem of visiting invitation card provider. Simply place your order and get them shipped to your doorstep. Before selecting any company, read the reviews and feedbacks posted by the past customers to get an idea about the services and prices.

Select best wedding card and enjoy your great day!


Muslim Wedding Cards Online Trend in Upcoming wedding season


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Choosing Islamic NikahFarmans and invitation cards is not an easy task as one has to look for multiple features of the holy invitation card. There are several types of Islamic marriage cards available in market that looks stunning and alluring. Traditional Nikah cards are embellished with embroidery work, stones and gems. One can customize Muslim marriage card with hand-pa`inted drawings and use decors like stones, stars, ribbons and glitters to embellish them. Choose a Reception card design that goes well with theme and decoration of the marriage. Selecting themed cards will represent the tradition if, one uses religious icons and signs in the Nikah cards. Reception Cards designers revealed that Walima cards are becoming very popular and coming in different styles and designs.


People are going for customized Muslim wedding cards to impress their guests and relatives. Gold plates cases, Farman styled cards, invitation boxes and paper scrolls are some of the most popular fashion of Muslim marriage cards. You can purchase Muslim Wedding Cards by Dream Wedding Card at reasonable prices. Following are some of the latest Muslim Bridal Cards trends online:

1.    Scroll Reception Cards

Add a pinch of royalty to your wedding invitation design with Scroll styled Muslim cards. They are also known as Farman that signifies royalty and elegance. One can select velvet, vellum paper or handmade paper for card material. So, gear up yourself to leave an overwhelming impression on your guests with these stunning pre-nuptial invitations. Muslim Wedding Cards come in wide variety of designs and styles.

2.    Themed Wedlock Card

Choose themed wedlock cards as they look stylish and trendy. Peacock inspired theme is becoming popular due to its fresh appearance and modern style. Add a touch of grace to the Islamic pre-nuptials card with peacock feather center. Give your Nikah a contemporary touch with stylish marriage invitation.

Exclusive Wedding Cards

3.    Paisley printed Wedlock invitations

The design of Muslim reception cards is known as Carrey in the Urdu language. In this, curved drop styled design is printed that is embossed with bright colors like indigo, silver or golden. People who believe in cultural values and simplicity should go for this style. The handmade paper looks best with paisley design.

4.    Portray Styled Nikah Cards

Muslim weddings are so much influenced by Mughal’s and Afghan’s culture that’s why one cannot ignore portray style. Leaves, feathers and domes are very common in Afghan marriage cards. You can jazz up the design with Urdu poetry.

5.    Add-On cards

Muslim weddings represent royalty and elegance. The add-on cards enhance value of the invitation farmans. You can add place cards, Thank you cards, menu cards and RSVP invitations with the Nikah farman. It is a contemporary way to give your reception a sophisticated look.

The above card styles are latest trends for Muslim reception Cards, you can choose any according to your budget, choice and requirement. Purchase them and strengthen your new relations!

Infuse your Hindu Wedding Card with the Colours of Innovations


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Hindu marriages are considered as the most celebrated event of one’s life. It is not only celebrated by the couple but the friends, relatives and families of the two. There are various things that can make the wedding preparations outstanding such as wedding cards. Since it is the first step towards informing people about your grand day, it should be designed accordingly. Hindu wedding invitation cards should be designed keeping the culture, tradition and certain Hindu rituals in mind. This is the reason why people are looking for special assistance when it comes to buying wedding cards for a Hindu wedding online.


What Are the Features?

If you want to make your special day even more special, you should consider wedding preparations accordingly. Therefore, you should first look for the features of a Hindu wedding card before making the finalized decision. Like all other products, wedding cards are nothing else but a kind of product. It should be able to cater your certain requirements. Therefore, while looking for the best Hindu invitation cards online, you should not forget considering its color, design and yes style. You should choose a card that can be able to reflect your overall joy for the great day of your life.

Who Can Help You?

When it comes to making a right decision, you first need to look for professional assistance. The same situation can also be observed when it comes to buying marriage invitation cards. Therefore, you should first know who can help you choosing the best and most suitable Hindu wedding invitation cards online. Invitation cards being offered by Dream Wedding Card can be the only effective answer to this most asked question. This online wedding card invitation store is known for offering lots of choices when it comes to buying wedding cards online.

Exclusive Wedding Cards

Make Your Wedding Colorful with Colorful Wedding Cards

There is no doubt that colors play the most important role in our life whether it is about celebrating a wedding ceremony or a birthday party. The same rule can also be applied when it comes to determining a marriage cards. Thus, if you want to make your special day more colorful than ever before, you are suggested to choose wedding invitation cards with mesmerizing colors. Choosing right colors for your wedding cards can make them more eye-catching, glamorous and attractive. Thus, you should not forget unveiling a massive collection of different colors of invitation cards for Hindu marriages.

Where to Buy Wedding Invitation Cards Online?

It is surely the most important point that you should not forget while looking for the best Hindu wedding cards. However, there are various stores online to buy wedding cards online, but you should choose a right option. Determining Hindu wedding card by Dream Wedding Card can help you choosing something exclusive for your marriage. Two things can’t be ignored when it comes to buying wedding cards online i.e. product assortment and quality. Dream Wedding Card is known for offering exceptional quality wedding cards of different choices.

Most Important Aspects to Focus for Creating Muslim Wedding Cards


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People may have several important occasions in their life, but wedding is something very special which happens once in the life time and also one of the most celebrated events in every one’s life time.As such, people put effort to a maximum to make the wedding event a grand and exotic one. Whenever the wedding talk starts, invitations rank the first place in the wedding plan. Though there are many religions in the country and each of them follow their own traditional systems, Muslims are something unique in their rituals and are very firm in following them too.


The wedding event in the Muslim community is well known as Nikaah, which is a delightful moment to both wedding couple and the two families & relatives. Muslim wedding cards are of two types: Nikah and Walima for wedding day and reception day respectively. They have several rules for every wedding ritual deed and they consider it as sacred event indeed. Dream Wedding Card is one of the leading online wedding card designers who do the job in a great manner with years of experience. These wedding cards carry both traditional as well as modern touch to the taste of youths matching this era.

Though colours and patterns mean a lot, wording is one another important aspect that needs to be focussed a lot in the Muslim wedding invitations. Every Muslim seems to be very particular in terms of wedding card wordings. In both the beginning and end of the wedding card one can see the name of Allah; they also would like to mention the verses from Holy Quran in the wedding card in terms of seeking blessings from their Lord. The Muslim community people are very religious and as to their wish Muslim wedding cards by Dream Wedding Card incorporates the same spirit in the invitations.

Apart from the wordings, the Muslim religious symbols that include but not just limited to: peacock, stars, crescent, leaves et al can be incorporated in the Muslim wedding cards as to seek good impression from the elderly relatives. As to their nature, Dream Wedding Card design Muslim wedding invitations in bright colours say for green as first and red as secondary one. In addition, to someone’s desire they design cards even in Urdu language. Even more, some Islamic wedding cards are demanded to be dipped in divinity, hence as per the requirement Dream Wedding Card design the card with quality sheets incorporated with right fonts & colours.

Wherein there are choices of ordering ready-made designs or of customized ones too. Dream Wedding Card offers discounts and sample cards for real time proof read for bulk orders. Even after the order is placed, one will be receiving sample card for final view of finished card, which as to avoid hassle at last minutes. Just make the Islamic wedding an adorable one with ultimate wedding invitation design.

Scroll Wedding Card- Take a Step Today and Get a Prized Memory Forever


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Marriage is an extremely important day of every person’s life. So who will not want to make it completely memorable and exceptional? So many things, when put together, help in making the entire process a special one. The families need to take care of every aspect of it. They have to select the right venue as well as the best items for decoration. But all of it starts from one very simple and yet important thing called invitation card. If one wants to make the wedding great, they will need to set the tone right from the very beginning.  There are so many types of cards available in the market. However, most of the designs now have been used a lot and thus do not give a unique touch. However, scroll cards are still not much in use and they are an excellent option to take a step today and get a prized memory forever. Here are a few things one will need to keep in mind to select the right scroll cards.

Exclusive Wedding Cards

The choice of the designer

 The most important thing to take care while choosing the card is the choice of the designer. There are so many designers out there and each one of them claims to be the best. But the fact is that not all of them are up to the mark. If one is looking for the scroll option then they should definitely consider the Scroll Wedding Card by Dream Wedding Card. Why is that so? This is because they have a huge repository of the best cards. Whether one requires Muslim, Hindu, Christian, or Sikh card, they have it all. Many designers make scroll cards but none is like this designer. They not only provide a lot of options but they have laid out their cards so well that making the choice becomes easy.

Remember the important things

 While buying the scroll wedding card by Dream Wedding Card one must keep the most important and basic things in mind. They are the best designer but you will still need to tell them what you need in order to get the best results. To start with, one must keep the two things in perspective – the functionality and the appearance. Before looking for the cards, one should clearly know the content they want to include in it. While there are a few thing that are common in every card for a particular faith, there are other things as well that must be recommended by the buyer. The cards will be used to make the first impression and hence they have to be right.

Choosing the style and colour

 Scroll cards are also available in many styles and sizes. One must make up their mind about these two things as well. Then there comes the choice of the colour. There are some colours that are for modern touch, others are for traditional looks. There are some patterns that blend the traditional and modern really well. Once the buyer has made up their mind they can start looking for the cards.

Muslim Wedding Card Online Stores Best Place to Get Amazing Traditional Cards


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Bold, attractive and rich wedding card speaks for itself. It immediately appeals guest to attending the wedding. Weddings are religious ceremonies and therefore religion has influence on the wedding invitations. Every religion has already given specific instructions about the wedding card content. In case of the Muslim wedding, symbols and verses play an important role. Many online wedding card portals have special section for Muslim wedding invitations. These templates follow all the religious guidelines for the Islamic wedding. Some of these designs are even approved by religious scholars. The portals allow young Muslims to choose from fresh patterns and designs.


In modern times, people are trying to combine new designs with tradition for Muslim wedding cards. You can observe that in Muslim Wedding Cards by Dream Wedding Card. This online portal allows couple to choose the designs, color and patterns of the card but keeps the basic prescribed format same. Wedding is also known as the Nikah or Walima in Islam. Make sure that your loved ones attend your Nikah through beautiful wedding card. It will have perfect use of all Islamic symbols and traditions. Wedding day is important in everybody’s life. So design perfect wedding card using all tools given by web portal.

You can reduce your effort required in designing wedding invitation by opting for Muslim Wedding Cards by Dream Wedding Card. The process is very simple here. You create account by providing basic details such as name, email id and password. Once you log in, more than thousands of wedding card invitation design will flash in front of you. Do not get confused by so many options. Keep your budget in mind and the material you are looking for your card. Islamic wedding cards have some must print items. The religious says that the wedding is socio religious exercise where two lives come together along with their families.
The wedding is mostly divided into two parts. First is the Nikah and then comes the Valima. The Nikah invitation is expected to be sent from the bride’s family. Groom’s family has the responsibility to send the invite for the Valima. The wedding card must have full name of the bride and groom. It should fully disclose the native place and origins of both parties. But that’s not all. The card should have timings and sequence of all religious ceremonies too. The Nikaahnama contains the verses from Quran. It is not compulsory practice but many people like to print that as well. These verses from the holy book are meant to bless people and couple.


The use of red, cream, gold and green is very predominant in the Islamic wedding card. Each color has its own meaning and significance. Green has been traditionally Islamic color and red shows fertility. The community loves metallic finish along with satin, velvet and silk. Handmade paper is also used in many cases now. Shiny tissues papers are now being used creatively to show the veil. Floral patterns, Mughal style arches and roses are very much visible on Muslim wedding card.

Create Best Memories With Exclusive Wedding Cards.


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Wedding invitations go a long way beyond merely declaring the date of matrimony and the names of the bride and groom. There is always some amount of sentimental value attached to an invitation to a wedding. So, when you send out an invitation to your wedding, you are sending out a lot more. A lot of your emotions too go with it. The invitations should be such that the emotions remain intact in the memory of the invitees for a long time to come.

Exclusive Wedding Cards

Select A Design For The Wedding Invitation That Suits Your Temperament
you should be sure to choose a design for the wedding invitation that suits your temperament. It should reflect your personality in its entirety. It is going to be best to entrust the task to a trained professional.

You are sure of getting the best services when you go online. There are always experts available who are prepared to do things for you at nominal fees. So, you can always get the most exclusive wedding cards by Dream Wedding Card. The designers are skilled and adept in their trade, so you can be sure of getting the best.

Be Sure To Give All The Relevant Details To The Designer
it is going to be very important to share all the relevant details with the card designer. He or she should have all details of the individual ceremonies including the time these ceremonies are likely to be conducted.
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The designer is going to do his or her best to accommodate all details on the invitation, which is to have a lot more. There can be some photographs of the bride and the groom on the wedding invitation. This is going to be something different and is going to add value to the exclusive wedding card by Dream Wedding Card.

Select The Floral Designs You Want On The Invitation
you can make your own contribution to the invitation by selecting the floral designs that are to appear on the invitation. You can choose from a number of designs and patterns available online.

It is going to be very easy for you to point out and select a design and pattern when you are online. This way, it becomes a lot easy for the designer to satisfy the clients who want innovative designs.

Select The Font You Want The Invitations To Be In
be sure to select the font you want the words on the invitation to be in. it should be a strong and emphatic font type that should leave a very strong message on the invitee.

You should opt for something less sober and serious if you expect some celebrities to the occasion. It is going to make an aura and atmosphere befitting their presence in the wedding right from the beginning.

Treat Different Ceremonies Individually
it is going to help if you treat individual ceremonies in your wedding with a special touch. Think of different style invitations for each occasion and the invitations are sure to go down the annals of the memories of your guests for a long time to come.


DreamWeddingCard – Best Multifaith Wedding Invitations Provider


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With time passing by, people have started understanding only one religion that is humanity and one way to serve the religion Love. It is love and the open approach in the society today that has given rise to multi-faith marriages. They have gained a lot of reputation in the recent years. And this has also given rise to wedding cards that have no boundaries set by religion. They are multi-faith, non-religious and cross culture wedding invitations.

Multi-faith Wedding Invitations by Dream Wedding Card promotes love and relationships which do not consider religion as a boundary. Love and humanity are much ahead of religion. We have a huge collection of ethnic, theme based, elegant, jazzy, handmade paper designed, customized wedding cards. You pick your style and we will offer you designs that will be unique and it will take your breath away.

You will feel the difference in our catalogues. We also have general artistically designed invites with no specific religion in mind. But, they have only wedding themes in general.

These invitations are so flexible that they can be used for any occasion, from bridal showers to Mehandi, from reception to Sangeet or cocktails. We cater to clients across the Globe and we help to make dreams a reality. Our invites are universal for Muslim weddings, Christian weddings, Hindu weddings, American weddings, or Asian weddings. You will see the edge of creativity by our experts in all the invites whether it is simple or grand.

Our team keeps itself updated with the latest wedding invite trends and we keep updating our catalogue with new designs. We come up with new designs every wedding season, to make ourselves stand out amongst the crowd. We are pros in understanding each and every culture and the difference that comes because of it. Hence, we are by far the best pick, you can have for your invites, menu printing, table cards, and RSVP’s.

At Dream wedding, we design wedding cards which have a timeless beauty and appeal. We proffer cut-throat prices and the invites that you have dreamt of. Our experts customize wedding cards to suit individual requirements. We also give you the option to design your own card or you can let our experts do it for you. We have a display of basic patterns on our page, but we can work on the colour, size and outlook for you.

We will ensure timely delivery of the wedding cards at our place so that you can send out the invites to your guests in time. Our team is always ready to walk the extra mile for you. In case, you are having issues with the wordings of the invite or the outlay we will help you. If you are unfamiliar with the wedding inviting etiquette our experts will take care of that.

We understand how important your wedding is to you. We also understand that you are occupied with work and planning for the most important day of your life. So, let us help you create the magic on this day.

Dream Wedding Card – Christian Cards Online Provider


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There has been a huge rush for online wedding cards since the popularity of the internet has spread far and wide and it has become affordable for almost everyone. It is also a lot easier to send online invitations. Designing online invitations is a lot easy too. The trend has caught up and has become popular with people of all faiths and religions.

The point is that different faiths and different faiths have different laws on marriages. The difference has to be borne in mind while devising invitations. Although there are a lot of online wedding invitation providers available, only a few are able to maintain the distinction in the invitations they design. The difference is highlighted very clearly when anyone opts for Christian Cards Online by Dream Wedding Card.

A Christian marriage is particularly solemnized and officiated by a priest. The pries officiates the ceremony where the bride and groom exchange vows and rings. A priest often offers counsels on the subject of marriage, children, monetary issues and the kind of lifestyle the couple would be opting for.

So, a typical Christian wedding invitation may have a photograph of a priest in the traditional white dress, with a cross in one hand and the other sprinkling holy water.

There can also be a flash animation where rings are exchanged. Typical Christian weddings are attended by the families of the grooms and the brides. It is conducted in a church in the presence of God Almighty and Jesus Christ.

There is usually a veil with the bride in a Christian wedding. The veil covers her face, while the groom is smartly dressed in his best suit. All these may be there on a typical Christian wedding invitation. The bride often has a beautiful bouquet of flowers in her hands symbolizing purity. A Christian   wedding invitation is bound to be simple symbolizing the simplicity of the actual marriage.

A typical Christian bride’s attire is usually pure white signifying simplicity and purity. All online Christian wedding invitations bear this aspect of marriages among Christians in mind. The priest is also supposed to be dressed in pure white.

Christian girls are known to organize a hen party or a bridal shower. This is usually a fun party that means singing and dancing at the bride’s residence. An invitation may have some musical notes depicted on it to denote the joy.

Some Christians attach typical importance to the hymns and prayers recited by the priest during the wedding     ceremony. These may find themselves on the wedding invitations. There are also flowers to be found on wedding invitations of Christians. Pictures of flowers and carnations are quite common on Christian wedding invitations.

Some Christians attach importance to the symbols their religion recognizes. Like some people believe in the sanctity of a Christmas tree, a sledge and a reindeer. Others may give importance to a cross or even to Jesus Christ. These may even be depicted on the wedding invitation.

Catholic Christians are supposed to marry only other Catholic Christians.

Get Classic and innovative Sikh Wedding Cards


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Weddings are made in heaven and to make the big day special and memorable, a person makes sure that all the preparation and planning before the wedding day is done well in advance. The wedding invites are the most important part of the wedding planning as this is the formal way of the declaration of your wedding. Most of the couples in all traditions want their wedding invitation cards to be unique and perfect, and the invitees also prefer to go a marriage for which they have received an extraordinarily attractive wedding card.

The Indian weddings happen in a very grand way and the family of the bride and groom also make sure that they leave no stone unturned to make the day special for the couple. The wedding cards are very fancy and attractive for Sikh weddings and to increase the elegance of these cards, people also make sure that the matter written on the card is also up to the mark, the verses from Shri Guru Granth Sahib are inscribed on almost all the Sikh wedding cards. There are remarkable varieties of Sikh Wedding Cards by Dream Wedding Card.

The reason behind inscribing the religious verses is the inclination and respect to one’s culture and tradition., and people also prefer putting religious symbols as they enhance the beauty of the invitation card. If your wedding date is also near and you haven’t still decided your wedding card design, then you can get some great designs of Sikh wedding cards by Dream Wedding Cards.

Let’s have a look at some tips for innovative Wedding Cards:

Cards in your own Handwriting: The traditional ways of card printing are passé now and people look for unique and attractive ways to invite guests for their special day. If you are getting married in this century, then you certainly very lucky as now you could use all those things and technology which were not available earlier. For a personal touch to your wedding invitation card, now you can get the card printed in your own handwriting, the invitees will also feel special by this gesture, but you have to ensure that your handwriting is good to be printed on your wedding card!

Say it with your Picture: You can incorporate your and your fiancé’s picture on the card to personalize it a bit more, this is a very good feature which you can get, a snapshot of the couple is the most out of the box thing which people can expect.

A small gift for your guests: This depends on your budget, if you can afford, then you can actually bribe your guests a little, to be there with you on your special day. The small gifts, such as chocolates, Sweets, and other little things can be given along with your wedding card.

Hope these points will pull the crowds on your special day, wish you the best wedding ever.