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With an excellent craftsmanship Muslims have a long history of creativity and art. They are borne designers with their magnificent work already viewed in the world famous Kashmiri handicrafts. They have really good savor for designs. In the wedding season, the most critical aspect of these is the Invitation cards for friend and relatives. These cards required not only to be informative but amazing too that retains in one’s memory even long after the marriage.

The Muslim Wedding Invitation Card basically contains information about two main events – Nikaah and Walima ceremony, further, adding a traditional essence to it with the sacred verses of Quran depicting the presence of the God and showering blessings on the couple. There is an astounding range of wedding cards with great use of embellishments and some significant modifications. These modifications are related to change in coloring scheme, or relocation of the image of Bismillah in combination with beautiful zari or kundan lining making these invites awesome. Other holy symbol or verses mostly used in these cards is Aayat. Innovative design line for making unique invitation cards is with banana leaf kind of invitation in which this real leaf look is given by PVC Overlays with the embossed image of Bismillah or the image of Mecca Medina in the center. This design reveals the closeness to nature.

In this view, one may find an amazing Muslim Wedding Invitation card blended creatively with essence of elegance, traditional and restores yet contemporary designer stunned look.