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Choosing the ideal invitation card for the perfect wedding is not a cup of tea. The card must speak for subtle style, sly design that doesn’t seem too tacky and maintains poise. In invitation cards, details are everything and every simple detail makes a grand gesture if chosen suitably. From the paper’s quality to its texture, typography, color theme, envelope design, pattern, everything is integral.

Array of creative ideas for Best Christian wedding cards online are available easily that ‘to be spouses’ can choose from. Simple factors like these should be kept in mind while picking the ultimate invitation card:

Size and contents of the card

Choosing the right size is a prominent factor as the size will affect what the invitation will contain and vice versa. So, choose the contents (Save the date card, RSVP Card, thank you note, Cards for ceremonies) wisely. The trick is to never overdo and stick to brief descriptions to maintain an average size of the card.

Paper and its texture

Wedding card stationery also offers wide choices so decide upon the weight, thickness and visual appearance of the card to narrow them down.

Color and Card theme

This is where it gets tricky! Don’t get tempted by anything that looks distinct but is not really the couple’s style. Simple rule for avoiding card design mishaps is to refrain from everything with dual contrast, glitter, bold ribbons, Rhinestone and collapsing typography.

Overall pattern of the card

Pattern cut of the invitation cards is something that seldom couples trifle with. The contemporary choice is round/oval, square/rectangle shaped cards. But a well cut card with cute hearts or angels or ornamental designs will add dynamism to the invitation.

Card Typography

Choose a font and size that is readable and also sophisticated.

Ornamental designs

Embossed or engraved designs add a whole new dimension to the card. Best Christian wedding cards online have beautiful embossed and engraved designs in different styles on invites.

Adding photographs and symbols to the Invitation

Couples should avoid adding personal photographs for wedding invitations. Symbolic photography for wedding/religious symbol does a better job.

Lastly, sticking to the budget is another factor that no couple should let slide. Invitation cards are available at Dream Wedding Card in different styles and price range so couples can explore and pick the right invite from the wide choices available.

Initially, picking a beautiful invite for the wedding that is not too mainstream or usual may seem hard but with a creative approach through right graphics and details, the invite will sure fall into place.