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Deciding upon a Wedding invite design is no less difficult than choosing the bridal jewelry and Lehenga. And, with the variety of Indian wedding design, the choice becomes ever harder, thanks to the beautiful mélange of cultures and styles that have made Indian wedding invites uniquely special. So, whether it is a Sikh invite design that one needs or a Christian invite, there’s no shortage of options and styles.

Indian wedding invitation by Dreamweddingcard website offers a plethora of options for visual and textual designs, reflecting the cultural heritage as well as personal style. Erstwhile, couples only had limited choices in terms of design but now with the onset of online service and advanced graphic mediums making finest of the options available, couples get more than just orthodox choices.

Indian wedding invitation by Dreamweddingcard features a highly sophisticated collection of invites that can be customized for text, symbols, typography, embossing style, bedazzling style etc. In addition the convenience of getting the service personalized, ordering online and seeking options online also helps in keeping time wastage at bay. While planning a wedding, there’s seldom any time to spare so evaluating invite choices online keeps the effort minimum and brings convenience of options.

Factors that influence the choice of invites

• Couple and families’ religious and cultural heritage

• Visual style preference

• Details of the function needed to be mentioned in the invite

• Budget

Several couples choose to go through with this sacred union along with the rites and rituals of their religion (born into or adopted) while some prefer to have a non-religious wedding or go through with weddings that include rituals from different cultures and religions. In such cases, it’s best to not stick to a particular symbolic style of invite so as to respect and inculcate elements of couple’s faith and planned wedding ceremony in the design. Simplest of symbolic visuals like angels showering flowers on the either corners of the envelope, meaningful messages from Guru Granth Sahib etc are great for making the religious connection. In fact, many religious Elders also say that all such ceremonies should be first be offered to the deities and gods, to seek their blessings which is another reason why most wedding invites as religious symbols.

For the visual style to be alluring, colors as well as typography should not be exaggerated. Contrasting colors and sharp fonts have long remained the favorites but pastels appear equally marvelous and delightful. Instead of sharp fonts, simple bold or italic in dark colors on pastel handmade paper or scrolls will balance the chic factor as well as readability. Additional ornamental designs of techniques like embossing can also be used to make the invite dimensionally dynamic.

Another Concern is to decide upon choosing one invite for all functions or using several pages in a bundled invitation elaborating all ceremonials and rites. Depending on the content/information and weight of the invitations, couples should take their pick.

Thanks to the wide online invite designs accessibility, couples can also easily balance their budget and have the wedding of their dream in all its glory.