A Hindu wedding is a lavish affair of multiple rituals and traditions and extravaganza of a celebration of lifetime. So why Hindu wedding should invites be any less of the luxury and indulgence? Die caste religious symbols, embossed mantras, printed visuals of Lord Ganesha, Om, Goddess Kali, etc are quite commonly used on Hindu invites. Most wedding invite designing professionals provide variety of printable symbols so with the distinct styles; even the most mainstream invite will look the most extravagant and chic.

Finding one of a kind, eloquent Hindu invitation cards online

Businesses are getting digital-ized and increased virtual accessibility of wedding invite designers is a significant factor in getting better and lavish invite designed as this widens the options. Now, pre-designed templates can be found online at dreamweddingcard.com and couples can get them customized in terms of font style, text included in the print, material for the invite, text size, color, symbols and ornamental designs etc. A wedding invite for a Hindu wedding doesn’t need to be flashy but rather a conveyor of the couple’s personal visual, religious inclination and beliefs. For instance, it’s not important to always print a Saraswati mantra on the card or use a Swastika or Om symbol if the couple holds belief in other deities. Using verses from the holy Bhagwat Geeta or using an honoring religious hymn or Sanskrit verse for a particular deity will also keep the invite traditional and also sophisticated.

Couples can either start with customization of Hindu invitation cards online templates or start from the scratch to put together the perfect invite. Here are some points that no wedding invite can do without:

Ideal and Concise Information

Information on Bride, groom, their family, Functions, date and time for the functions with venue details, etc are basic but using some additional information such as romantic poetry or symbolic one liner or very short stories about romance and marriage also make the design contemporary.

Quality material

Handmade sheets, velvet, threaded paper, glittery/non-glittery scrolls are widely sought choices. For minimal or heavily printed designs, glossy paper in white or off white or pastel shades works too. Choice of paper and its color theme should be in harmony with the text style, color and symbols used on the invite.

The Religious element

Die Caste symbols are highly coveted for Hindu traditional invites but using distinct symbols for differnet functions like Dholak, Shehnai, dancing silhouette, etc for Sangeet, Henna designs for the Mehndi ritual, graphic of a Dancing crowd with the groom on a Mare or a lavish automobile for Baraat, etc is also a contemporary chic concept.

Adding shlokas in the beginning of the card is considered a blessing as it is done to honor the gods.

Experimenting with mainstream designs will surely yield amazing results as these days, minimal and photographic Invitation cards are also getting famous. Couples can get their own photos printed on the card and use a color scheme pattern with modern text style to print the information for functions.