Although the purpose of the wedding card remains the same for Hindus and Muslims both but in terms of design and content there is a lot of difference. As per the tradition, the wedding cards are sent out to the friends and relatives before a Muslim wedding. The contents of the card should be such that the person receiving it feels he or she is welcomed to the auspicious ceremony. Some Muslim families also use the wedding invitation cards for the purpose of announcement of the marriage. There are several types of wedding cards available these days. There are some people who send the invitations using social media and emails still there are many who prefer the physical medium.

Decide whether you want to go with the conventional or modern cards

When we talk about modernization of the cards, we are simply referring to the simplicity in the design and the contemporary looks. Although the basic elements of the cards remain the same as per the religious requirements, however, the essence of royalty with Muslim wedding invitations may vary with each type of card. If you are going for a pompous and extravagant wedding then you may want to make your card equally royal. There are many contemporary designs that focus on simplicity but do not lose the touch of royalty. There are some people who prefer the fusion of contemporary and traditional. There are number of designs available and you can choose the one which best suits your needs.

Keep the budget in mind

The essence of royalty with Muslim wedding invitations may need to be compromised if your budget is low. Of course there are some good cards available for the people whose finances are limited but it cannot be denied that putting more money will get you much better and flashy cards. It is advisable to go for the wedding card which is in tune with the type of wedding arrangements you have planned. This helps in setting the right expectations of the invitees.

Color and design play an important role

If you want to add a touch of royalty to your wedding then you can start with the wedding card. Even with medium budget you can get good quality Muslim wedding cards. If you have the right eye for color and design combination then even with limited money you can get a pretty decent and royal looking card. Do not make a choice in haste. Always deliberate duly before finalizing the card for the wedding. After all it is your wedding and you will want to make sure that everything is near perfect. If you are not sure about the type of card then you can also consult others who may have better understanding of colors and designs.

Pay attention to what you want to write in the card

What you write in the card also matters a lot. It reflects on your personal tastes and standards. Think well before making a final decision. You can also choose one of the several popular lines for the wedding cards.