Choosing the ideal invite for a beautiful, dreamy Jewish wedding is not as intricate as it sounds. However, with the presence of extensive conventional designs, looking for an exclusive and beautiful invite may get a little hectic.

Generally, Jewish invites are available in different styles including a religious one and a simple one that is printed over a pastel shade sheet with a conventional border adorning the design across four edges. However, using a special Nautical Themed or even Ribbons and Bows based style will add to the style element of the invite. Several Unique Jewish wedding invitations are also available in Save the dates fashion along with separate invite pages for bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, etc. Floral themed invites can also be printed in warm shades with stylish doodles and effective lettering to make the typography impactful.

Border styled Invites

Normally, Jewish wedding invites are designed keeping the softer appearance in mind. But the border designs which are way too common in these invites can be used for much more and the invite can be given a stylish makeover with a simple change in the border.

Instead of a border that covers all four sides, an intricate ornamental border in contrasting colors in one corner of the invite will give a much more sophisticated look. In fact, the wedding invites can be cut in a different geometrical design and the an ornamental cutout designed in a single edge a border style can also be used to make the invite unique and beautiful. Watercolor styled border can be printed on one side of the invite page and the design can be carried off into the other side of the page by including the similar design on the back. Such ornamental borders in Cool shades like blue, pink, magenta, fuchsia pink, etc make Unique Jewish wedding invitations appear much more refreshing and beautiful.

Religious Invites

A Jewish invite is not complete without the inclusion of religiously significant motifs, designs, and most of all, the pictures and themes that reflect on the holy symbols from the bible. Peal bible, doves, cherubs, roses, etc are used as common designs to reflect the religious significance of the invites.

Breaking away from the regular monotony

Most Jewish invites are printed in white, off white, pearl while and similar shades. However, using pastels or bright colors like pinks and using a theme based card to develop the design of the envelope and the invite inside is a great way of breaking the monotony of mainstream colors styles. Lavender, light pink, plums shades can be used in a cutout or a simple fashion to develop a stylish card that doesn’t look too pompous.


Usually, the bride and groom will need a hard copy of the sample to check the design and stationery quality. Nevertheless, thanks to the online influx of designers exhibiting elaborate works, there is no need for spending money on samples as every element and part of the design including the simplest and most basis parts like lettering, type of stationery, etc can be decided through checking soft copy samples.