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Marriage is one of the most important occasions of lifetime. This is the reason why people want to make it as unforgettable as it is possible. There are so many things which are the part of the wedding making it the most remarkable day of the lives of people. The thought of Indian wedding brings up the picture of the big day and the arrangements related to it. But there is another thing which is extremely important and cannot be overlooked – it is the invitation cards for the wedding. To add one more element of incredibility to the overall wedding arrangement, one can go for the stylish and unique wedding cards.


What makes wedding cards so important?

From the functionality point of view, wedding card is needed to send out to friends and families to invite them for the wedding day and other ceremonies. No matter how close the person may be to the bride or groom, if they do not receive the wedding card, they may not come to the wedding ceremony. Even if they are invited personally over the phone, they may not show up if they do not receive the card. This is precisely why the wedding card needs to be sent to everyone. The wedding cards should be such that they display the date, time and venue properly. Indian wedding invitation by Dream Wedding card is the perfect choice for the special occasion.

But wedding card invitations are not only for the purposes of utility. It is one of the essential elements that make the entire event the most unforgettable one. In fact, for some people it could be about showing their class and sophistication. This is why some of the families are specifically interested in the designs of the wedding invitation cards. Indian wedding invitation by Dream Wedding card is designed keeping the needs of the Indian families in mind.


Features of a Stylish Card

The most important aspect of the wedding card is its design and shape. As far as the shape is concerned, most popular types of wedding cards are either rectangular or square. However, since the trend of stylish cards is catching up, this is why the cards are also available in many other shapes such as circular, oval, and multi-fold. Even the scroll cards are getting trendier these days.

Scroll cards are in fact the most stylish and unique cards available in the market. Not a lot of people buy it because they are more expensive. But it cannot be denied that they are far more distinct and classier than the other types of cards. They immediately add a touch of elegance to the invitations. The person receiving the card is bound to get impressed and awed by them.


Even the regular rectangular cards can be designed in many unique ways. There are many cut out designs for the rectangular cards that make them look more stylish. Aside from this, there are several embellishments that enhance the beauty of the cards. The sequined wedding cards are becoming quite popular these days.