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A South Indian wedding is prominent for its unique culture, tradition and nuptial rituals. There is great buzz regarding the preparation for a South Indian marriage. Needless to say a traditional south Indian wedding needs lots of preparation from determining the venue to informing guests in a proper way. The best way to inform people about the big day is to send them wedding Invitation cards.

Since we are talking about south Indian marriages, we need to choose cards accordingly. We first need to concentrate on the designs of the cards. Design of a card is something that attracts everyone towards it. It is definitely the most visible and attractive part of a wedding card. Therefore, finding the perfect South wedding invitations design that looks lavish is the need of hour.

Traditional Vs Contemporary Choices

When you decide to look for right wedding invitation design, you have two options to determine i.e. traditional and contemporary. Choosing a typical card to inform and invite people to a south Indian marriage isn’t a bad decision to go with, but if you are looking for something exclusive you need to look at contemporary option. There are lots of designs available to select from, which are created keeping the traditional values of a south Indian nuptial.

Moreover, you can also go with a blended option. It means that you can choose a design that has impression of both i.e. modernity and traditional values. Choosing this joined art can help you determining the best design for the wedding cards. If you are creative enough, you can also use your own ideas to create something exclusive. You may also discuss your vague ideas with your online wedding cards provider as they can be able to convert your vague ideas into mesmerizing invitation cards.

Images & Symbols

Adequate use of symbols and images can make a wedding card outstanding. Therefore, you are highly advised that while looking for the perfect wedding invitation design online, you must not forget considering the symbols and images. Usually, contemporary people prefer getting an image of God or Goddess printed on the cards. However, normally people prefer choosing Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi on their cards, but any deity can be chosen to be printed on the cards.

While choosing design containing images and symbols, you mustn’t forget that you need to choose something that matches with contemporary south Indian weddings. There are plenty of choices available when it comes to choosing card designed using images and symbols.

Color Matters

When it comes to choosing perfect south wedding invitations design, you aren’t supposed to ignore the importance of color. Color is something that decides the overall beauty and attractiveness of cards. Therefore, you are highly suggested that you must choose appropriate color keeping the marriage theme and other rituals in view. In case of choosing a wrong color, you may have to end up with frustrating results.

Choosing designs with multiple colors can also be a right choice. However, while choosing multicolored design, you must not forget blending it with rest of marriage theme.