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Marriage is always a joyous occasion where relatives and friends of the brides and the groom come together to celebrate the occasion in a grand manner. Wedding card which is an important aspect of wedding is designed with great care as it is through this card that you are going to invite important people of your life to attend and be a part of the most important day of your life. India has several religion and the cards are designed keeping the religious and cultural aspect in mind besides paying attention to the message which conveys certain important information about the event that is going to take place.


Just like Hindus, Muslim also takes great interests in designing and personalizing their wedding cards. Now a day’s people rarely have time to take out of busy schedule and visit stores physically to select wedding card. This is when they resort to viewing cards that are available online and selecting the ones that meet their needs and preference. One such online company Dream Wedding Card stores. Muslim Wedding Invitations by Dream Wedding Card can be viewed to get an idea about the different traditional as well as modern designs that are in demand at present.

The wedding ceremony for Muslims is known as ‘Nikaah’. The wedding invite is sent out to inform the near and dear ones about the place of the wedding, the time and also the venue where the Nikaah will be held. The wedding card that is selected for Muslim weddings are quite traditional and there are specific designs and colors which are preferred by most of the bride and the grooms. The color green is a recurring one that can be seen in most of the cards. However, the colors gold, red and cream can also be seen being used in cards for inviting guests in Muslim Weddings.


Muslim Wedding Invitations by Dream Wedding Card is a place where you will get different modern designs keeping in mind the traditional aspect also. Moreover the online site is updated regularly to include any new designs. In Muslim wedding card, one can get a glimpse of Mughal art. Intricate patterns, designs of leaves, peacock feathers, domes are very much common. Bindis, mirror works, precious stones are also used to enhance the effect of the card. This along with the use of handmade paper, metallic paper, silk, velvet, and satin makes the marriage card look all the more eye catching and attractive.

Marriage is considered a bond of two people for life. Like the other religion, most of the Muslim cards also contain some verses from the Holy book Quran. The blessing of almighty is sought before embarking on a lifelong partnership. Apart from the verses from the holy book, symbols such as that of moon can be found in some Muslim cards. Calligraphy is also common in Muslim marriages.


With online shopping in vogue, different variety of such cards can easily be checked from the comforts of your home. Once selected the cards can be order and they would be delivered at your home in no time for the big day in your life.