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Wedding is a union which is held as sacred by all the religions of the world. While it is definitely the union of two souls, it also unites two families for lifetime. In many situations, wedding becomes the union of two cultures as well. This is the reason why people want to celebrate the wedding in such a way that it is memorable. One of the very first things that families need to make the arrangements for is the wedding invitation card. This is one of those things that everyone wants to make unique. Just like every religion, Muslim wedding invitations have certain features that make it unique. Although traditional appeal to the cards is a must, many modern Muslim families also want to give it a contemporary touch. Here are the things that make the Muslim wedding cards unique.


The weddings for Muslims are extremely pious and their wedding cards must clearly manifest their traditions, rituals, and customs. One of the first features that make a Muslim wedding invitation card really unique is the colour. The Islamic tradition is highly influenced with the green colour, which is synonymous to peace and harmony. This is the reason why one will see that most of the Muslim cards are green in colour or at least have a shade of green which is pretty prominent. The other thing that makes the Muslim wedding cards unique is that they are usually made with the handmade papers. The cards can either feature simple colours or bold colours but the touch of tradition is always there. Even in the most contemporary card green colour is visible. Although many prefer handmade cards, these days self-prints are also becoming popular. One can get the high-quality Muslim Wedding Invitation Card by Dream Wedding Card.

Everything in the Muslim wedding is apparently inspired by the beautiful religion of Islam. Thus, their cards also reflect the same. There are some specific features of the Islamic culture which are displayed on the card. There are two different types of cards for the wedding – one is for Nikah (the actual wedding ceremony) and the other is for Walima (the post-wedding reception). It is important to have the right type of wedding invitation card for the Muslim marriages. This is the reason why Muslim Wedding Invitation Card by Dream Wedding Card is the best. They keep all the aspects of Islamic culture in mind while designing the cards. There are many features that are very unique to Muslim Wedding cards. Here are some of them


  • The Islamic symbols are unique and are found on all the wedding cards. These symbols are positioned in such a way that they are easily visible. One can see that these symbols are usually at the top of the page so that they are most prominent.
  • As already mentioned, whether the family is traditional or modern, even the most contemporary cards will have the strong hints of tradition and Islamic values.
  • Usually, Muslim wedding cards feature vibrant and bold colours. This makes them all the more unique.