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There has been a huge rush for online wedding cards since the popularity of the internet has spread far and wide and it has become affordable for almost everyone. It is also a lot easier to send online invitations. Designing online invitations is a lot easy too. The trend has caught up and has become popular with people of all faiths and religions.

The point is that different faiths and different faiths have different laws on marriages. The difference has to be borne in mind while devising invitations. Although there are a lot of online wedding invitation providers available, only a few are able to maintain the distinction in the invitations they design. The difference is highlighted very clearly when anyone opts for Christian Cards Online by Dream Wedding Card.


A Christian marriage is particularly solemnized and officiated by a priest. The pries officiates the ceremony where the bride and groom exchange vows and rings. A priest often offers counsels on the subject of marriage, children, monetary issues and the kind of lifestyle the couple would be opting for.

So, a typical Christian wedding invitation may have a photograph of a priest in the traditional white dress, with a cross in one hand and the other sprinkling holy water.

There can also be a flash animation where rings are exchanged. Typical Christian weddings are attended by the families of the grooms and the brides. It is conducted in a church in the presence of God Almighty and Jesus Christ.

There is usually a veil with the bride in a Christian wedding. The veil covers her face, while the groom is smartly dressed in his best suit. All these may be there on a typical Christian wedding invitation. The bride often has a beautiful bouquet of flowers in her hands symbolizing purity. A Christian   wedding invitation is bound to be simple symbolizing the simplicity of the actual marriage.

A typical Christian bride’s attire is usually pure white signifying simplicity and purity. All online Christian wedding invitations bear this aspect of marriages among Christians in mind. The priest is also supposed to be dressed in pure white.


Christian girls are known to organize a hen party or a bridal shower. This is usually a fun party that means singing and dancing at the bride’s residence. An invitation may have some musical notes depicted on it to denote the joy.

Some Christians attach typical importance to the hymns and prayers recited by the priest during the wedding     ceremony. These may find themselves on the wedding invitations. There are also flowers to be found on wedding invitations of Christians. Pictures of flowers and carnations are quite common on Christian wedding invitations.

Some Christians attach importance to the symbols their religion recognizes. Like some people believe in the sanctity of a Christmas tree, a sledge and a reindeer. Others may give importance to a cross or even to Jesus Christ. These may even be depicted on the wedding invitation.

Catholic Christians are supposed to marry only other Catholic Christians.