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With time passing by, people have started understanding only one religion that is humanity and one way to serve the religion Love. It is love and the open approach in the society today that has given rise to multi-faith marriages. They have gained a lot of reputation in the recent years. And this has also given rise to wedding cards that have no boundaries set by religion. They are multi-faith, non-religious and cross culture wedding invitations.

Multi-faith Wedding Invitations by Dream Wedding Card promotes love and relationships which do not consider religion as a boundary. Love and humanity are much ahead of religion. We have a huge collection of ethnic, theme based, elegant, jazzy, handmade paper designed, customized wedding cards. You pick your style and we will offer you designs that will be unique and it will take your breath away.


You will feel the difference in our catalogues. We also have general artistically designed invites with no specific religion in mind. But, they have only wedding themes in general.

These invitations are so flexible that they can be used for any occasion, from bridal showers to Mehandi, from reception to Sangeet or cocktails. We cater to clients across the Globe and we help to make dreams a reality. Our invites are universal for Muslim weddings, Christian weddings, Hindu weddings, American weddings, or Asian weddings. You will see the edge of creativity by our experts in all the invites whether it is simple or grand.

Our team keeps itself updated with the latest wedding invite trends and we keep updating our catalogue with new designs. We come up with new designs every wedding season, to make ourselves stand out amongst the crowd. We are pros in understanding each and every culture and the difference that comes because of it. Hence, we are by far the best pick, you can have for your invites, menu printing, table cards, and RSVP’s.


At Dream wedding, we design wedding cards which have a timeless beauty and appeal. We proffer cut-throat prices and the invites that you have dreamt of. Our experts customize wedding cards to suit individual requirements. We also give you the option to design your own card or you can let our experts do it for you. We have a display of basic patterns on our page, but we can work on the colour, size and outlook for you.

We will ensure timely delivery of the wedding cards at our place so that you can send out the invites to your guests in time. Our team is always ready to walk the extra mile for you. In case, you are having issues with the wordings of the invite or the outlay we will help you. If you are unfamiliar with the wedding inviting etiquette our experts will take care of that.

We understand how important your wedding is to you. We also understand that you are occupied with work and planning for the most important day of your life. So, let us help you create the magic on this day.