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Bold, attractive and rich wedding card speaks for itself. It immediately appeals guest to attending the wedding. Weddings are religious ceremonies and therefore religion has influence on the wedding invitations. Every religion has already given specific instructions about the wedding card content. In case of the Muslim wedding, symbols and verses play an important role. Many online wedding card portals have special section for Muslim wedding invitations. These templates follow all the religious guidelines for the Islamic wedding. Some of these designs are even approved by religious scholars. The portals allow young Muslims to choose from fresh patterns and designs.


In modern times, people are trying to combine new designs with tradition for Muslim wedding cards. You can observe that in Muslim Wedding Cards by Dream Wedding Card. This online portal allows couple to choose the designs, color and patterns of the card but keeps the basic prescribed format same. Wedding is also known as the Nikah or Walima in Islam. Make sure that your loved ones attend your Nikah through beautiful wedding card. It will have perfect use of all Islamic symbols and traditions. Wedding day is important in everybody’s life. So design perfect wedding card using all tools given by web portal.

You can reduce your effort required in designing wedding invitation by opting for Muslim Wedding Cards by Dream Wedding Card. The process is very simple here. You create account by providing basic details such as name, email id and password. Once you log in, more than thousands of wedding card invitation design will flash in front of you. Do not get confused by so many options. Keep your budget in mind and the material you are looking for your card. Islamic wedding cards have some must print items. The religious says that the wedding is socio religious exercise where two lives come together along with their families.
The wedding is mostly divided into two parts. First is the Nikah and then comes the Valima. The Nikah invitation is expected to be sent from the bride’s family. Groom’s family has the responsibility to send the invite for the Valima. The wedding card must have full name of the bride and groom. It should fully disclose the native place and origins of both parties. But that’s not all. The card should have timings and sequence of all religious ceremonies too. The Nikaahnama contains the verses from Quran. It is not compulsory practice but many people like to print that as well. These verses from the holy book are meant to bless people and couple.


The use of red, cream, gold and green is very predominant in the Islamic wedding card. Each color has its own meaning and significance. Green has been traditionally Islamic color and red shows fertility. The community loves metallic finish along with satin, velvet and silk. Handmade paper is also used in many cases now. Shiny tissues papers are now being used creatively to show the veil. Floral patterns, Mughal style arches and roses are very much visible on Muslim wedding card.