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People may have several important occasions in their life, but wedding is something very special which happens once in the life time and also one of the most celebrated events in every one’s life time.As such, people put effort to a maximum to make the wedding event a grand and exotic one. Whenever the wedding talk starts, invitations rank the first place in the wedding plan. Though there are many religions in the country and each of them follow their own traditional systems, Muslims are something unique in their rituals and are very firm in following them too.


The wedding event in the Muslim community is well known as Nikaah, which is a delightful moment to both wedding couple and the two families & relatives. Muslim wedding cards are of two types: Nikah and Walima for wedding day and reception day respectively. They have several rules for every wedding ritual deed and they consider it as sacred event indeed. Dream Wedding Card is one of the leading online wedding card designers who do the job in a great manner with years of experience. These wedding cards carry both traditional as well as modern touch to the taste of youths matching this era.

Though colours and patterns mean a lot, wording is one another important aspect that needs to be focussed a lot in the Muslim wedding invitations. Every Muslim seems to be very particular in terms of wedding card wordings. In both the beginning and end of the wedding card one can see the name of Allah; they also would like to mention the verses from Holy Quran in the wedding card in terms of seeking blessings from their Lord. The Muslim community people are very religious and as to their wish Muslim wedding cards by Dream Wedding Card incorporates the same spirit in the invitations.

Apart from the wordings, the Muslim religious symbols that include but not just limited to: peacock, stars, crescent, leaves et al can be incorporated in the Muslim wedding cards as to seek good impression from the elderly relatives. As to their nature, Dream Wedding Card design Muslim wedding invitations in bright colours say for green as first and red as secondary one. In addition, to someone’s desire they design cards even in Urdu language. Even more, some Islamic wedding cards are demanded to be dipped in divinity, hence as per the requirement Dream Wedding Card design the card with quality sheets incorporated with right fonts & colours.

Wherein there are choices of ordering ready-made designs or of customized ones too. Dream Wedding Card offers discounts and sample cards for real time proof read for bulk orders. Even after the order is placed, one will be receiving sample card for final view of finished card, which as to avoid hassle at last minutes. Just make the Islamic wedding an adorable one with ultimate wedding invitation design.