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Choosing Islamic NikahFarmans and invitation cards is not an easy task as one has to look for multiple features of the holy invitation card. There are several types of Islamic marriage cards available in market that looks stunning and alluring. Traditional Nikah cards are embellished with embroidery work, stones and gems. One can customize Muslim marriage card with hand-pa`inted drawings and use decors like stones, stars, ribbons and glitters to embellish them. Choose a Reception card design that goes well with theme and decoration of the marriage. Selecting themed cards will represent the tradition if, one uses religious icons and signs in the Nikah cards. Reception Cards designers revealed that Walima cards are becoming very popular and coming in different styles and designs.


People are going for customized Muslim wedding cards to impress their guests and relatives. Gold plates cases, Farman styled cards, invitation boxes and paper scrolls are some of the most popular fashion of Muslim marriage cards. You can purchase Muslim Wedding Cards by Dream Wedding Card at reasonable prices. Following are some of the latest Muslim Bridal Cards trends online:

1.    Scroll Reception Cards

Add a pinch of royalty to your wedding invitation design with Scroll styled Muslim cards. They are also known as Farman that signifies royalty and elegance. One can select velvet, vellum paper or handmade paper for card material. So, gear up yourself to leave an overwhelming impression on your guests with these stunning pre-nuptial invitations. Muslim Wedding Cards come in wide variety of designs and styles.

2.    Themed Wedlock Card

Choose themed wedlock cards as they look stylish and trendy. Peacock inspired theme is becoming popular due to its fresh appearance and modern style. Add a touch of grace to the Islamic pre-nuptials card with peacock feather center. Give your Nikah a contemporary touch with stylish marriage invitation.

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3.    Paisley printed Wedlock invitations

The design of Muslim reception cards is known as Carrey in the Urdu language. In this, curved drop styled design is printed that is embossed with bright colors like indigo, silver or golden. People who believe in cultural values and simplicity should go for this style. The handmade paper looks best with paisley design.

4.    Portray Styled Nikah Cards

Muslim weddings are so much influenced by Mughal’s and Afghan’s culture that’s why one cannot ignore portray style. Leaves, feathers and domes are very common in Afghan marriage cards. You can jazz up the design with Urdu poetry.

5.    Add-On cards

Muslim weddings represent royalty and elegance. The add-on cards enhance value of the invitation farmans. You can add place cards, Thank you cards, menu cards and RSVP invitations with the Nikah farman. It is a contemporary way to give your reception a sophisticated look.

The above card styles are latest trends for Muslim reception Cards, you can choose any according to your budget, choice and requirement. Purchase them and strengthen your new relations!