Muslim Wedding Invitations-what makes them unique?


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Wedding is a union which is held as sacred by all the religions of the world. While it is definitely the union of two souls, it also unites two families for lifetime. In many situations, wedding becomes the union of two cultures as well. This is the reason why people want to celebrate the wedding in such a way that it is memorable. One of the very first things that families need to make the arrangements for is the wedding invitation card. This is one of those things that everyone wants to make unique. Just like every religion, Muslim wedding invitations have certain features that make it unique. Although traditional appeal to the cards is a must, many modern Muslim families also want to give it a contemporary touch. Here are the things that make the Muslim wedding cards unique.

The weddings for Muslims are extremely pious and their wedding cards must clearly manifest their traditions, rituals, and customs. One of the first features that make a Muslim wedding invitation card really unique is the colour. The Islamic tradition is highly influenced with the green colour, which is synonymous to peace and harmony. This is the reason why one will see that most of the Muslim cards are green in colour or at least have a shade of green which is pretty prominent. The other thing that makes the Muslim wedding cards unique is that they are usually made with the handmade papers. The cards can either feature simple colours or bold colours but the touch of tradition is always there. Even in the most contemporary card green colour is visible. Although many prefer handmade cards, these days self-prints are also becoming popular. One can get the high-quality Muslim Wedding Invitation Card by Dream Wedding Card.

Everything in the Muslim wedding is apparently inspired by the beautiful religion of Islam. Thus, their cards also reflect the same. There are some specific features of the Islamic culture which are displayed on the card. There are two different types of cards for the wedding – one is for Nikah (the actual wedding ceremony) and the other is for Walima (the post-wedding reception). It is important to have the right type of wedding invitation card for the Muslim marriages. This is the reason why Muslim Wedding Invitation Card by Dream Wedding Card is the best. They keep all the aspects of Islamic culture in mind while designing the cards. There are many features that are very unique to Muslim Wedding cards. Here are some of them

  • The Islamic symbols are unique and are found on all the wedding cards. These symbols are positioned in such a way that they are easily visible. One can see that these symbols are usually at the top of the page so that they are most prominent.
  • As already mentioned, whether the family is traditional or modern, even the most contemporary cards will have the strong hints of tradition and Islamic values.
  • Usually, Muslim wedding cards feature vibrant and bold colours. This makes them all the more unique.


Indian wedding invitation Trends tagged With ‘Successful Dream Weddings


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Wedding ceremonies are considered among the top events of one’s life that are highly celebrated. When it comes to analyzing the joy, happiness and enthusiasm in a marriage ceremony, significance of Indian wedding ceremonies can’t be ignored. Marriages in India are renowned for their special rituals, social activities and of course many days celebration. Since it is a long-lasting social-process, it needs lots of preparation. Remember, marriage preparation starts with the distributing of wedding invitation cards.

There is no doubt that Indian weddings are considered distinct from the rest of marriages in the world. Thus, the wedding cards for Indian weddings should also be distinct from rest of the options in the world. However, there are plenty of choices available to determine when it comes to choosing invitations, but it is found that Indian wedding invitation trends tagged with successful Dream Weddings. Now, you may be confused on why you should choose Indian wedding invitation by Dream Wedding Card? So, let’s find the reasons below.

You Can Unveil Lots of Options                                                                                                   

The biggest advantage of going with exclusive online wedding invitation cards provider is that you will be able to unveil a huge collection of different types of marriage cards. Needless to say that the more you have choices, the better product you will be able to choose from. Therefore, if you are confused on determining a right cards provider, you need to look nowhere else but this exclusive wedding store online. So, if you want to enter into a new world of mesmerizing choices, you need to look nowhere else but this online invitation cards store.

Affordable Indian Wedding Cards Online

When it comes to choosing a product or service, you must want to go with an affordable option. The same rule can also be applied in terms of choosing marriage invitation cards online. This prominent online Indian wedding cards provider offers affordable marriage invitation cards. Here, affordable cards doesn’t means that you will have to cope with lower-standard of marriage cards, but it means that you will be provided quality-based Indian wedding invitation cards.

Special Offers and Big Discounts

The biggest advantage of going with this online wedding card provider is that you will be able to enjoy special offers and big discounts on every purchase. Obviously, you will surely love saving big bucks while buying a product. Therefore, you are highly recommended to go with this option. This exclusive online store is known for offering big discounts and exclusive offers on different types of Indian wedding invitation cards.

Choose Latest Designs

When it comes to choosing cards, you will surely like to go with latest designs. You aren’t supposed to cope with traditional options. This online wedding invitations provider has an adequate collection of cards incorporated with latest designs, styles and color combination. This might be a key reason behind the growing popularity and demand of Indian wedding invitation by Dream Wedding Card. Choosing cards with latest designs can help you making your special day even more memorable and special.

Getting the Perfect Muslim Wedding Invitations on a Budget


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Marriage is always a joyous occasion where relatives and friends of the brides and the groom come together to celebrate the occasion in a grand manner. Wedding card which is an important aspect of wedding is designed with great care as it is through this card that you are going to invite important people of your life to attend and be a part of the most important day of your life. India has several religion and the cards are designed keeping the religious and cultural aspect in mind besides paying attention to the message which conveys certain important information about the event that is going to take place.

Just like Hindus, Muslim also takes great interests in designing and personalizing their wedding cards. Now a day’s people rarely have time to take out of busy schedule and visit stores physically to select wedding card. This is when they resort to viewing cards that are available online and selecting the ones that meet their needs and preference. One such online company Dream Wedding Card stores. Muslim Wedding Invitations by Dream Wedding Card can be viewed to get an idea about the different traditional as well as modern designs that are in demand at present.

The wedding ceremony for Muslims is known as ‘Nikaah’. The wedding invite is sent out to inform the near and dear ones about the place of the wedding, the time and also the venue where the Nikaah will be held. The wedding card that is selected for Muslim weddings are quite traditional and there are specific designs and colors which are preferred by most of the bride and the grooms. The color green is a recurring one that can be seen in most of the cards. However, the colors gold, red and cream can also be seen being used in cards for inviting guests in Muslim Weddings.

Muslim Wedding Invitations by Dream Wedding Card is a place where you will get different modern designs keeping in mind the traditional aspect also. Moreover the online site is updated regularly to include any new designs. In Muslim wedding card, one can get a glimpse of Mughal art. Intricate patterns, designs of leaves, peacock feathers, domes are very much common. Bindis, mirror works, precious stones are also used to enhance the effect of the card. This along with the use of handmade paper, metallic paper, silk, velvet, and satin makes the marriage card look all the more eye catching and attractive.

Marriage is considered a bond of two people for life. Like the other religion, most of the Muslim cards also contain some verses from the Holy book Quran. The blessing of almighty is sought before embarking on a lifelong partnership. Apart from the verses from the holy book, symbols such as that of moon can be found in some Muslim cards. Calligraphy is also common in Muslim marriages.

With online shopping in vogue, different variety of such cards can easily be checked from the comforts of your home. Once selected the cards can be order and they would be delivered at your home in no time for the big day in your life.

Finding the Perfect South Wedding Invitations Design that looks lavish


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A South Indian wedding is prominent for its unique culture, tradition and nuptial rituals. There is great buzz regarding the preparation for a South Indian marriage. Needless to say a traditional south Indian wedding needs lots of preparation from determining the venue to informing guests in a proper way. The best way to inform people about the big day is to send them wedding Invitation cards.

Since we are talking about south Indian marriages, we need to choose cards accordingly. We first need to concentrate on the designs of the cards. Design of a card is something that attracts everyone towards it. It is definitely the most visible and attractive part of a wedding card. Therefore, finding the perfect South wedding invitations design that looks lavish is the need of hour.

Traditional Vs Contemporary Choices

When you decide to look for right wedding invitation design, you have two options to determine i.e. traditional and contemporary. Choosing a typical card to inform and invite people to a south Indian marriage isn’t a bad decision to go with, but if you are looking for something exclusive you need to look at contemporary option. There are lots of designs available to select from, which are created keeping the traditional values of a south Indian nuptial.

Moreover, you can also go with a blended option. It means that you can choose a design that has impression of both i.e. modernity and traditional values. Choosing this joined art can help you determining the best design for the wedding cards. If you are creative enough, you can also use your own ideas to create something exclusive. You may also discuss your vague ideas with your online wedding cards provider as they can be able to convert your vague ideas into mesmerizing invitation cards.

Images & Symbols

Adequate use of symbols and images can make a wedding card outstanding. Therefore, you are highly advised that while looking for the perfect wedding invitation design online, you must not forget considering the symbols and images. Usually, contemporary people prefer getting an image of God or Goddess printed on the cards. However, normally people prefer choosing Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi on their cards, but any deity can be chosen to be printed on the cards.

While choosing design containing images and symbols, you mustn’t forget that you need to choose something that matches with contemporary south Indian weddings. There are plenty of choices available when it comes to choosing card designed using images and symbols.

Color Matters

When it comes to choosing perfect south wedding invitations design, you aren’t supposed to ignore the importance of color. Color is something that decides the overall beauty and attractiveness of cards. Therefore, you are highly suggested that you must choose appropriate color keeping the marriage theme and other rituals in view. In case of choosing a wrong color, you may have to end up with frustrating results.

Choosing designs with multiple colors can also be a right choice. However, while choosing multicolored design, you must not forget blending it with rest of marriage theme.

Buying Unique and Stylish Indian Wedding Invitation


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Marriage is one of the most important occasions of lifetime. This is the reason why people want to make it as unforgettable as it is possible. There are so many things which are the part of the wedding making it the most remarkable day of the lives of people. The thought of Indian wedding brings up the picture of the big day and the arrangements related to it. But there is another thing which is extremely important and cannot be overlooked – it is the invitation cards for the wedding. To add one more element of incredibility to the overall wedding arrangement, one can go for the stylish and unique wedding cards.

What makes wedding cards so important?

From the functionality point of view, wedding card is needed to send out to friends and families to invite them for the wedding day and other ceremonies. No matter how close the person may be to the bride or groom, if they do not receive the wedding card, they may not come to the wedding ceremony. Even if they are invited personally over the phone, they may not show up if they do not receive the card. This is precisely why the wedding card needs to be sent to everyone. The wedding cards should be such that they display the date, time and venue properly. Indian wedding invitation by Dream Wedding card is the perfect choice for the special occasion.

But wedding card invitations are not only for the purposes of utility. It is one of the essential elements that make the entire event the most unforgettable one. In fact, for some people it could be about showing their class and sophistication. This is why some of the families are specifically interested in the designs of the wedding invitation cards. Indian wedding invitation by Dream Wedding card is designed keeping the needs of the Indian families in mind.

Features of a Stylish Card

The most important aspect of the wedding card is its design and shape. As far as the shape is concerned, most popular types of wedding cards are either rectangular or square. However, since the trend of stylish cards is catching up, this is why the cards are also available in many other shapes such as circular, oval, and multi-fold. Even the scroll cards are getting trendier these days.

Scroll cards are in fact the most stylish and unique cards available in the market. Not a lot of people buy it because they are more expensive. But it cannot be denied that they are far more distinct and classier than the other types of cards. They immediately add a touch of elegance to the invitations. The person receiving the card is bound to get impressed and awed by them.

Even the regular rectangular cards can be designed in many unique ways. There are many cut out designs for the rectangular cards that make them look more stylish. Aside from this, there are several embellishments that enhance the beauty of the cards. The sequined wedding cards are becoming quite popular these days.

Dream Wedding Card presents latest and unique collection of religious invitation cards


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dreamwedding_infographic copyDrive a memorable experience with to get wide collection of religious invitation cards. We offer you unique cards over the business to catch the eyes of each customer.
Know more details:

How to Make Your Jewish wedding invitations unique

Choosing the ideal invite for a beautiful, dreamy Jewish wedding is not as intricate as it sounds. However, with the presence of extensive conventional designs, looking for an exclusive and beautiful invite may get a little hectic.

Generally, Jewish invites are available in different styles including a religious one and a simple one that is printed over a pastel shade sheet with a conventional border adorning the design across four edges. However, using a special Nautical Themed or even Ribbons and Bows based style will add to the style element of the invite. Several Unique Jewish wedding invitations are also available in Save the dates fashion along with separate invite pages for bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, etc. Floral themed invites can also be printed in warm shades with stylish doodles and effective lettering to make the typography impactful.

Border styled Invites

Normally, Jewish wedding invites are designed keeping the softer appearance in mind. But the border designs which are way too common in these invites can be used for much more and the invite can be given a stylish makeover with a simple change in the border.

Instead of a border that covers all four sides, an intricate ornamental border in contrasting colors in one corner of the invite will give a much more sophisticated look. In fact, the wedding invites can be cut in a different geometrical design and the an ornamental cutout designed in a single edge a border style can also be used to make the invite unique and beautiful. Watercolor styled border can be printed on one side of the invite page and the design can be carried off into the other side of the page by including the similar design on the back. Such ornamental borders in Cool shades like blue, pink, magenta, fuchsia pink, etc make Unique Jewish wedding invitations appear much more refreshing and beautiful.

Religious Invites

A Jewish invite is not complete without the inclusion of religiously significant motifs, designs, and most of all, the pictures and themes that reflect on the holy symbols from the bible. Peal bible, doves, cherubs, roses, etc are used as common designs to reflect the religious significance of the invites.

Breaking away from the regular monotony

Most Jewish invites are printed in white, off white, pearl while and similar shades. However, using pastels or bright colors like pinks and using a theme based card to develop the design of the envelope and the invite inside is a great way of breaking the monotony of mainstream colors styles. Lavender, light pink, plums shades can be used in a cutout or a simple fashion to develop a stylish card that doesn’t look too pompous.


Usually, the bride and groom will need a hard copy of the sample to check the design and stationery quality. Nevertheless, thanks to the online influx of designers exhibiting elaborate works, there is no need for spending money on samples as every element and part of the design including the simplest and most basis parts like lettering, type of stationery, etc can be decided through checking soft copy samples.

HTML Essence of Royalty with Muslim Wedding Invitations


Although the purpose of the wedding card remains the same for Hindus and Muslims both but in terms of design and content there is a lot of difference. As per the tradition, the wedding cards are sent out to the friends and relatives before a Muslim wedding. The contents of the card should be such that the person receiving it feels he or she is welcomed to the auspicious ceremony. Some Muslim families also use the wedding invitation cards for the purpose of announcement of the marriage. There are several types of wedding cards available these days. There are some people who send the invitations using social media and emails still there are many who prefer the physical medium.

Decide whether you want to go with the conventional or modern cards

When we talk about modernization of the cards, we are simply referring to the simplicity in the design and the contemporary looks. Although the basic elements of the cards remain the same as per the religious requirements, however, the essence of royalty with Muslim wedding invitations may vary with each type of card. If you are going for a pompous and extravagant wedding then you may want to make your card equally royal. There are many contemporary designs that focus on simplicity but do not lose the touch of royalty. There are some people who prefer the fusion of contemporary and traditional. There are number of designs available and you can choose the one which best suits your needs.

Keep the budget in mind

The essence of royalty with Muslim wedding invitations may need to be compromised if your budget is low. Of course there are some good cards available for the people whose finances are limited but it cannot be denied that putting more money will get you much better and flashy cards. It is advisable to go for the wedding card which is in tune with the type of wedding arrangements you have planned. This helps in setting the right expectations of the invitees.

Color and design play an important role

If you want to add a touch of royalty to your wedding then you can start with the wedding card. Even with medium budget you can get good quality Muslim wedding cards. If you have the right eye for color and design combination then even with limited money you can get a pretty decent and royal looking card. Do not make a choice in haste. Always deliberate duly before finalizing the card for the wedding. After all it is your wedding and you will want to make sure that everything is near perfect. If you are not sure about the type of card then you can also consult others who may have better understanding of colors and designs.

Pay attention to what you want to write in the card

What you write in the card also matters a lot. It reflects on your personal tastes and standards. Think well before making a final decision. You can also choose one of the several popular lines for the wedding cards.

Hindu invitation card and Invitations – How to buy the Best One!

A Hindu wedding is a lavish affair of multiple rituals and traditions and extravaganza of a celebration of lifetime. So why Hindu wedding should invites be any less of the luxury and indulgence? Die caste religious symbols, embossed mantras, printed visuals of Lord Ganesha, Om, Goddess Kali, etc are quite commonly used on Hindu invites. Most wedding invite designing professionals provide variety of printable symbols so with the distinct styles; even the most mainstream invite will look the most extravagant and chic.

Finding one of a kind, eloquent Hindu invitation cards online

Businesses are getting digital-ized and increased virtual accessibility of wedding invite designers is a significant factor in getting better and lavish invite designed as this widens the options. Now, pre-designed templates can be found online at and couples can get them customized in terms of font style, text included in the print, material for the invite, text size, color, symbols and ornamental designs etc. A wedding invite for a Hindu wedding doesn’t need to be flashy but rather a conveyor of the couple’s personal visual, religious inclination and beliefs. For instance, it’s not important to always print a Saraswati mantra on the card or use a Swastika or Om symbol if the couple holds belief in other deities. Using verses from the holy Bhagwat Geeta or using an honoring religious hymn or Sanskrit verse for a particular deity will also keep the invite traditional and also sophisticated.

Couples can either start with customization of Hindu invitation cards online templates or start from the scratch to put together the perfect invite. Here are some points that no wedding invite can do without:

Ideal and Concise Information

Information on Bride, groom, their family, Functions, date and time for the functions with venue details, etc are basic but using some additional information such as romantic poetry or symbolic one liner or very short stories about romance and marriage also make the design contemporary.

Quality material

Handmade sheets, velvet, threaded paper, glittery/non-glittery scrolls are widely sought choices. For minimal or heavily printed designs, glossy paper in white or off white or pastel shades works too. Choice of paper and its color theme should be in harmony with the text style, color and symbols used on the invite.

The Religious element

Die Caste symbols are highly coveted for Hindu traditional invites but using distinct symbols for differnet functions like Dholak, Shehnai, dancing silhouette, etc for Sangeet, Henna designs for the Mehndi ritual, graphic of a Dancing crowd with the groom on a Mare or a lavish automobile for Baraat, etc is also a contemporary chic concept.

Adding shlokas in the beginning of the card is considered a blessing as it is done to honor the gods.

Experimenting with mainstream designs will surely yield amazing results as these days, minimal and photographic Invitation cards are also getting famous. Couples can get their own photos printed on the card and use a color scheme pattern with modern text style to print the information for functions.

Exquisite Online Collections of South Indian Wedding Invitations


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Wedding season is a season of joy and celebration. An auspicious occasion where two souls as well as their family get united. To make this celebration an event to remember, families come together with their rich traditions which reflect in their food, clothing as well as the design of the wedding card. Wedding cards have become a matter of great preparation and choice in the recent past. Every family wants their wedding card to reflect their tradition, taste, choice and class. Couples want their wedding card to be eternal-one they can cherish looking at even after 20 years of marriage. This makes the selection of a wedding card a humongous task.

To make this important task fun and easy, has come up with Collections of South Indian Wedding Invitations. An exquisite range of carefully selected, pre-printed on fine quality paper with customizable design pattern and available at affordable prices-wedding cards of all tastes and budget is available here. One can select from a wide array of wedding cards with customizable color combinations, printing patterns and stationery designs to suit one’s wedding card idea. The best part is that our collection of wedding card is updated regularly. So you will never end up buying an outdated design or card pattern. You can choose from the latest collection of design pattern, printing font and allied stationery-all under one roof.

Whether you want a traditional looking wedding card or a modern one, an evolving pattern or an age old wedding motif, arranges all for you at exceptional prices. The Collections of South Indian Wedding Invitations is an unmatched one. All you have to do is visit the website and choose your preferred design from many samples displayed. Your wedding card is assured to come up the way you have seen on the website. Whether you want to order just the cards or complete printed cards, everything is done here with great care and specification.

It is here that you get what you see. Selecting and purchasing your kind of wedding card has been never been simpler. Right from order processing, proofing to shipping the order to your doorstep, every single detail is taken care of. Our motto of customer satisfaction reflects in our customer service. We help our clients to choose from right cards and allied stationery for their wedding cards. Our active support team assists buyers in making the right choice by asking them questions about the type of card they are looking for. Be it the wedding card collection where we feature latest and designer as well as traditional looking wedding cards or the printing quality, we provide the best of all. Our specialized printing division is our best asset. The print has quality, sharpness and precision that are needed in wedding cards. You can also end up getting attractive discounts on your wedding card order. All this makes us a market leader in Indian wedding invitations not only by name but also by our craftsmanship.